Thursday, October 26, 2017

Areas to Cover

As for now, we have a rough plan of where we are going, for how long and how do we travel to the place. Since we will be arriving in Tokyo, it makes sense to stay and enjoy Tokyo for few days. We found a good accommodation offer from AirBnb. Rooms in Tokyo are expensive but if you look hard enough (or by luck) you'll find nice cosy apartment near amenities. Be sure to find places near train lines. In my case, we prefer a place nearby Yamanote Line. This is a circular line that goes around Tokyo. Most Malaysian muslim prefers area near Shinjuku or Shibuya since there are several halal outlets there.

Places to go in Tokyo:-
1. DisneySea - This is a unique themepark by Disney. They have both DisneyLand and DisneySea in Tokyo. It will take at least one day each. We have been there once, so we decided to go to only DisneySea this time. They are nearby to each other though. But keep in mind that during these period (pre-winter) the daylight is short. It will be dark by 4.30ish.
2. Akihabara - This is the gadget haven. It is also known for Anime/Manga place - lots of collections and Anime themed restaurant but our focus is gadgets. Our specific favorite spot is Yodobashi Akiba. It is a nine storey building full of electronics - and others too, i.e. stationery etc.
3. Tokyu-hands - If you like Yubiso, miniso and the like, you'll love this store. It is exactly like those, but with much bigger choice. Importantly it is exclusively Japan made stuff!.
4. Tsukiji Market - As the name say, its the market. It is where you can get freshest of fresh sashimis, sushis and what ever they bring back from the sea!. Chutoro (fatty tuna) sashimi is a must try here. But beware, this is know as a tourist trap - so look before you buy.
5. Shibuya Crossing - This is known as the most busy crossing in the world.

Will update soon..

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